Artist Review / / Erin Gregory

I am thrilled to be able to share some inspirational art and design with you every Tuesday morning as Rachael's 'Art and Creative Writer'. This week, I'm featuring the floral still lives of Erin Gregory.

Erin is an American oil painter, living in Columbus, GA. She graduated from Auburn University with a BFA in 2000 and has made painting her full time career ever since.

She uses vivid colour and brushwork to capture sunlight and shadow in her work, she also exhibits and  teaches workshops in oil painting. You can find more of her vibrant work on her website, have a wonderful week, Justine x

One thought on “Artist Review / / Erin Gregory

  1. Karissa Rumsey

    I am a painter too and Erin’s work is lovely and so inspirational to me! I love your use of color and abstract leaning style!


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