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Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a fab weekend? Today I wanted to share with you a selection of images from all of the lovely things I've been up to since starting my maternity leave. Slowing down & learning to relax has definitely been a challenge! It can be hard to switch off from work at the best of times but to try & do this when it's your own business it can be mission impossible. I have been very good though! I'm not someone who can sit & rest easily so I've filled my days with long walks, cooking & baking (well attempting to!), decorating, organising our tiny nursery, catching up with friends & family, chilling in the garden, de-cluttering my home & sorting out cupboards... Why is it that pregnant women want to clean cupboards? It's been great just being able to do the little things & add lots of finishing touches to our home & garden ready for our little arrival. I think I've enjoyed the last few weeks of pregnancy the most.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to leave the running of my studio & shop with Kelly (my fabulous creative assistant) & the team over at Make it In Design are doing a fantastic job too! I'm still checking in on things but with the next round of courses not starting until October 27th, it's allowed me to have lots of breathing space & take some quality time off. After 6 hectic & non stop years in the business, it's been quite nice to actually slow down on things, sit back, relax & have the time to reflect on things.

Please don't worry (or go anywhere...) as the design studio/shop is still up & running.

Are you a parent? How did you spend your maternity/paternity leave? I've been documenting my adventures on Instagram using the hashtag #rtstudiobaby, it's been a great way to keep track of all of the changes & exciting things that have been happening!

I'm almost 39.5 weeks now! Until next time... Have a wonderful week, Rachael x












One thought on “Baby Adventures – Maternity Fun

  1. Catherine Escott-Allen

    ooooh Rachael! If that urge to clean cupboards is overwhelming I’d say your babe will be with you very shortly!!! A day or two at most if my experiences are anything to go by….You are nest building!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it. Stay safe & take care of all of you.



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