Trick or Treat – Creative Cookies for Fall Time!

Hello everybody!

Get your cups of tea ready everyone! Because by the time you've finished reading today's blog you'll be ready for a biscuit to go along with your brew! Today's blog is all about decorative sugar cookies & how they make great canvases for those creative bakers & lovers of seasonal treats!

Like most of us, when you think of seasonal sugar cookies, you probably think about Christmas. They're one of the fabulous favourites during the festive period & they always make their way onto our selection trays in December. From snowmen, snow flakes, trees & baubles, there is likely no Christmas-themed sugar cookie you haven't seen & we think that after today, you'll be saying the same about Autumn!

This year on Pinterest we've seen such an amazing collection of October-themed sugar cookies. Tons of folks online have got really creative & have put together some really adorable & impressive cookies for their Fall / Halloween celebrations.The great thing about these sugary treats is that they make a great canvas for those who love to decorate baked goods. So with a little delicate preparation & baking, some cookie-cutters & some clever icing work, these little treats are sure to impress. If you like what you see & want to try for yourself, click the link to check out some tutorials!

Image via Pop Sugar

cookies 3

Image via Lizzy Bakes

cookies 4

Image via Lavieen Cookies

cookies 5

Image via Sweet Hope Cookies

cookies 6

Image via Flickr


Image via Old Time Favourites on Etsy

cookies 8

Image via Meg Cobb Creations

cookies 9

Image via Becki Cooks Cake Blog

cookies 10

Image via By Amber's Hands


Image via Crafty Cookies


We hope these sugary treats have been an inspiration for any bakers who want to get festive before Christmas! Be bold with your baking this Halloween & make your cookies the highlight of the party!

Happy baking everyone!

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