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As you all know, here at the Rachael Taylor Studio we always want to support independent, local designers, small creative businesses & ambitious, artistic entrepreneurs. So this past week, when we came across the Just A Card campaign, we were really enthusiastic about helping spread their message.

The woman behind Just A Card, Sarah Hamilton, was inspired to take action following after an independent art gallery was permanently closed. In their last few days, the shop keepers commented, "If everyone who'd complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card we'd still be open." Being a designer & fellow card-maker, Sarah decided to try and make a change by launching Just A Card. On her website, Sarah has passionately summarized her campaign in the following blurb:

When I read this quote by shop keepers who’d recently closed their gallery I thought - enough is enough - we need to fight back! ... I know just how valuable each & every sale is, not only to independent shops & galleries which make our High Streets unique, but to their artists and designer suppliers. Regrettably it’s too late for that gallery, but others need our valuable support, & this is why we started our campaign JUST A CARD - to encourage people to appreciate just how invaluable every single purchase is.

Since the initial push for support Sarah has now reached over a million people via social media. Our friends at Mollie Makes & The Design Trust are also backing this wonderful movement in supporting designers all over. We think that this is such an important message to send across to consumers & designers alike - supporting independent creatives allows the design community to thrive!

Want to know more? Check out this lovely info-graphic & be sure to sign their petition! You can sign until December 3rd & we would love you to support this wonderful cause!

JUST A CARD - A4 Poster

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