Friday Inspo – Be Patient & Love Yourself!

Hello everyone!

Happy Friday to you all - we hope this week has treated you well! Since the weekend is quickly approaching, we wanted to give everyone a little helpful reminder to be patient with themselves, especially when it comes to achieving their accomplishments, being creative & reaching their most happiest. All things take time & we think this lovely design (found via Pinterest) really sums up this sentiment in a beautiful way:

So if you need to take the weekend to vege-out, sit on the sofa with some tea & do some shopping, or even just take lots of naps, go ahead! Don't worry if you're a little behind on things, because we cant always be in bloom & have to show ourselves a bit of self love every now & again!

Wishing you all a fun, relaxing, do-whatever-you-feel-like kind of weekend!

Posted by: Holly

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