Blogs We Love – [Christmas] Crafts Unleashed!

Happy Monday Everybody!

We hope you've all had a love first week of December & are ready for some more festive inspiration! We're happy to see you back for another post in our Blogs We Love series!

One of the best things about the Christmas period is that it gives us plenty of chances to get super creative. Between the festive baking, the seasonal decorating & the lovely gift wrapping, the festive season presents us with plenty of opportunities get making & putting our artsy, personal touches on things.

To give you a little boost of Christmas creativity, today we want to feature Crafts Unleashed, a wonderful craft blog filled with festive craft ideas & inspiration:

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Created as part of a craft supply retailer called Consumer Crafts, Crafts Unleashed is a wonderful resource providing tons of fun, approachable (& affordable) craft projects & ideas. It's lead by a team of lovely creative people (many of which have their own creative blogs) who know crafting & DIY inside & out! In describing their own mission as a blog, here's what Crafts Unleashed has to say:

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One of our favourite parts of the Crafts Unleashed blog is that it fits perfectly into our creative Christmas theme - the blog even features an extensive Christmas section covering tons of brilliant projects. From greeting cards to picture holders, there really is no end to how much inspiration you can find on this blog!

Here's a peek at some projects that caught our eye - we especially love the ones that feature lots of colour! To see the relevant tutorial, simply click through via the image (but you can see the whole list here!) Merry-Burlap-Christmas-Art-5-634x360BLOCKBLOCKBLOCKBLOCK

If you want to keep up with the Crafts Unleashed blog, be sure to follow them on Instagram & Pinterest! There's really no end to the fabulous creative inspo they offer & we're excited to try some of these lovely Christmas crafts! Have a lovely festive week everybody & happy crafting!

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