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Hello Everybody!

Welcome back to the latest in our Blogs We Love series! We hope you've all had a wonderful weekend & are eager for a big burst of creative inspiration.

Today's blog feature is one we're really excited to share, as it centres around one of our all time favourite things - COLOUR! If you follow us on Instagram, are a regular reader of the blog, or simply know Rachael's work, you'll know that we are big colour advocates in the studio & love sharing colour inspiration. BLOCK

Plenty of Colour is a wonderful blog dedicated to celebrating all things colourful. Established by designer & colour enthusiast Chloé Douglas, POC has a wealth of bright pages devoted to various colour groups (like this one) as well as mixed colour compilations that we love!

Using unique sources like photography, paintings, architecture & abstract imagery, POC hosts a brilliantly varied collection of colour. If you're really needing a boost of brightness, or simply some creative ideas for your own design work, it's definitely a blog to keep bookmarked!

Commenting on her own love for colour & the reason why she began the Plenty of Colour blog, Chloé says, "When I was three, I went to the local hardware store...when I turned a corner and spotted the wall of paint chip cards stretching across the back wall ... I felt my heart stop momentarily. I knew I had found my soul mate. From soft grey to intense fuchsia, colour is my passion and allows me to see the most ordinary things as nothing short of spectacular. I have created this blog to celebrate colour with those who share similar enthusiasm and wonder."

Below are some of the gorgeous images we've found on the POC blog - we love the fact that Chloé is not only sharing gorgeous colour with each posts, she is also supporting other artists. We want to say a big way to go to Chloé for being such a fab contributor to the colour craze! If you want to see more, don't forget to follow her on Pinterest!

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