Friday Inspo – Keep Shining!

Yay for Friday!

Hello lovely readers! Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog.

Today we wanted to send out some positive vibes to anyone needing a little boost before the weekend. While it's nearly Christmas time & we can soon kick our feet up & relax, we're now in the lead up to the festive period - between the shopping, the gift wrapping, the visiting & the general prep, things can definitely begin to feel a little hectic!

But no matter how busy things get, today we want to encourage you to keep shining. If you feel like things are getting the better of you, give yourself time to take a little break, think some positive thoughts & keep moving forward.

Below we've chosen a lovely design from Her Lovely Heart to help share today's positive message! Be sure to check out their blog for more lovely inspiration.


Posted by: Holly

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