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For many garden lovers out there, Winter is a great time to get in some quality planning time. Although we cant tend to our gardens much during the colder months, we can make landscaping & building plans, choose our plants, flowers & pots, decide on a layout & more!

As Rachael is in the process of planning her dream garden, we've been on the lookout for some fab gardening blogs. While there are tons out there, one of the most inspirational blogs we came across was The Dahlia Papers.


Created by an avid gardener named Non Morris, The Dahlia Papers is an acclaimed blog that focuses on plant life in gardens & wider outdoor spaces around the world. In addition to writing her blog, Non has also authored for Gardens Illustrated Magazine, The Telegraph, The Guardian, House and Garden & Country Life!

We really enjoy the vast collection of plant photography that Non has featured on her blog. With archives going back to 2013, there are tons & tons of inspirational gardens to browse. Even if you're not the best gardener, or you simply like to appreciate other gardens, TDP features plenty of gorgeous, inspirational imagery. Her travels also give us a unique look into other garden trends & types of plants around the world.

Commenting on her own creativity, her background & why she created her blog, Non said, "I have always had a strong visual focus to my work. My background is in art history and film and television. The Dahlia Papers is a journal of what I am looking at and thinking about – it is about plants and gardens but also about art, photography, design, architecture and the environment"

We love that Non has followed her creative passion & is doing what she loves. We also think anyone planning their dream garden over the Winter should have a good look through The Dahlia Papers for some inspiration - it's simply a brilliant gardening resource & we love it!

Here are some of our favourite images from Non's posts. These come from all over & are just a fraction of the gorgeous images on her blog.

Dahlia Papers 1BLOCKexuberanceg dahlia papersBLOCKVenice Dahlia PapersBLOCKchionodoxa Dahlia PapersBLOCKDahlia Papers 2BLOCKDahlia Papers 4BLOCKyew-and-pondg dahlia papers

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