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Hello everyone! I recently received these photos of my 20 Ways to Draw a Doodle book at a University Hospital in California. It has been included as part of a lovely display of doodle & colouring books for gifting to the hospital patients.

I had never thought of my book reaching people in this way... It's so nice that it's considered as a therapeutic & stress relief book for the patients who are most likely having a tough time. I've seen my books sell in the likes of Anthropologie, Waterstones & the MoMA over in NYC as well as being translated into other languages such as Japanese & sold in different countries but I think this has put the biggest smile on my face the most! :)

 I always encourage people to doodle just for the fun of it & not worry about the end result as it's so important to just let go when you are doodling. It's so great to see the power of the doodle reaching more & more people!

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You can find both books in my online shop where you can get a signed copy with your free personalised message added!


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