Happy Valentines Day from the RT Studio!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! ___________________________

We hope you've all had a LOVELY weekend & are excited for Valentines Day! As with many other big holidays throughout the year, Rachael has taken lots of creative inspiration from Valentines.

It's an especially fabulous time of year for those who love bright, summer colours like hot pink, red, blush pink, coral & orange. With so many fab motifs (hearts, flowers, cupids arrows), it's also a great source of inspo for surface pattern designers everywhere!

While Valentine's is traditionally about couples, we think it's also an inclusive holiday for friends & family too! For us, it's all about sharing love & positivity with those you care about & being a little self-indulgent with chocolate, meals out with partners or pals & ultimately spending time with those who make you happy.

To give you a boost of Valentine's inspiration, we're sharing some of Rachael's most recent & colourful lovey-dovey designs. It just goes to show how much creativity you can conjure from holidays & special times of year like this. 

We hope whatever your plans are that you have an amazing day today!

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