Thursday Inspo – Fun Valentine’s Crafts!

Happy February Everybody!

Welcome back to another inspirational post on the RT blog! We hope you're all feeling creative today, because we've got some lovely February crafts for you to try in preparation for Valentine's Day!

As our readers will know, we are always on the hunt for creative inspiration - whenever we are approaching a new season or holiday, we love to take a peek on Instagram & Pinterest to see what sort of decor & craft ideas are out there.

As with many holidays, Valentine's day warrants some crafting & decorating - whether you pop some some simple red & pink flowers in a vase or feature an elaborate Valentines-themed tree, there are tons of fun ways to be expressive with this lovey-dovey holiday.

Valentine's Day crafts are also super popular with kids - the classic shape of this holiday is the heart, which is a simple, recognisable shape that kids love to draw. Today we've found a mixed range of crafts that you can try on your own or with your little ones! If any of these gorgeous crafts stands out for you, be sure to check out their sources at the bottom!

Have a lovely start to February everybody & happy crafting!

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Pop-Up Valentine Card via Lia Griffith

Rainbow Paper Heart Wreath via Hello Wonderful

Fingerprint Tree & Paper Plate Craft via Easy Peasy and Fun

Valentine's Heart Wreath via The Resourceful Mama

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