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Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to the RT blog! We hope your weekend was brilliant & you're feeling energised by the sunshine, florals out in bloom, the warm weather & all the other wonderful signs of summer.

This weekend we spotted TONS of people out in their gardens, either tending to their own greenery or simply enjoying some Vitamin D. With Rachael also preparing her own garden for the approaching summer & the sights of gardening all around, we though it would be a great idea to feature a fabulous gardening blog called Lovely Greens!

Lovely Greens was created by an avid gardener, DIY-enthusiast & all-around creative named Tanya. In addition to teaching others to grow beautiful & fruitful gardens, Tanya shares tons of advice and tips on edible & organic gardening, DIY, allotments, honeybee-keeping & tons of other fun projects!

Describing the purpose of her blog & what she loves to do, Tanya says, "My mission on Lovely Greens is to show how to live a greener and more garden centred lifestyle... I’m passionate about sharing how to make useful things...How to grow edibles, make handmade soap, and the full process behind garden-inspired crafts and DIYs. I’ve also set up my own business and when I’m not blogging I’m giving soapmaking lessons and retailing Lovely Greens bath and beauty products."

So whether it's growing your next meal or creating your own skincare products, Lovely Greens is an all-around amazing resource for those who love to be in the garden! You an also follow Tanya's blog & garden photography on IG - here are some of our favourite photos

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