The Language of Colours

Hello lovely readers. Today we're taking a look at this cool graphic made by the team over at Farthing, which shows some insight into colour psychology & the impact of colour within interior design.

I'm a complete colour addict & I like to discuss the importance of colour & the endless possibilities through my Make it in Design courses, so it's fascinating to see the differences between colours & how they can produce varying moods & reactions. I'm a huge fan of orange yet according to the graphic it's the colour that most women dislike (but I do have quite a daring & eclectic taste)!

What do you take away from the graphic? Which colours stand out to you? Feel free to share the graphic & find out what your friends & family think.

If you would like more colour inspiration then you can follow my new project Curated Rainbow over on Instagram for a daily dose!

Rachael xoxo

The Language Of Colours

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