Thursday Inspo – Uplifting Street Art!

Hello everyone!

As you know, the Rachael Taylor blog has always been about inspiring people & lifting their spirits. Whether that's through bright surface pattern, encouraging quotes, or simply sharing the creativity & passion of others, we always want our readers to feel that little bit more energised & positive when they visit the blog.

So to lift your spirits today, we want to share some gorgeous, uplifting artwork from the streets of cities across the world. Street art has always been a way for local artists to share their talents & contribute towards culture & community & that is something we really love. Many installations, especially those on a larger scale, are able to capture so much creativity & colour & really illustrate the artistic spirit of the cities they're in.

Below are some of our favourite examples of uplifting street art on Instagram (#beautifulstreetart). As Rachael is currently in NYC for her Surtex Exhibition, we've always included some colourful artwork that she's been able to snap for her curatedrainbow project.

We hope these give you a boost of creativity & even a new appreciation for public art & graffiti! There really is so much to see, so we encourage you to explore your own city for the phenomenal & inspiring artwork that's sure to be out there.

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