Tuesday Inspo – Doodle Addicts!

Hello Everybody!

Well, after all that sunshine & the pre-summer heatwave, we're now getting some classically British rainy days. These past couple of mornings have been especially rainy & we've opted to stay inside. But it's not all bad news - while getting outside is always fun & encouraged, there are some fun things we can do inside to keep us creatively content - doodling!

Rachael is a self-proclaimed doodle addict & takes to her sketchbook or notepad whenever she can. Doodling is so much fun & as Rachael shares in Make it in Design's Module 1: Designing Your Way, even the simplest of doodles can become part of a signature surface pattern design. Doodling is also great for stress & can really take your mind off the negative things which can feel overwhelming at times; we really do encourage you to get in touch with your inner doodle addict today & see what you can create!

Below we've found some super inspiring doodle addicts on Instagram & have also shared some from Rachael's doodling process as well! We love how each style is different & the variety between the interpretations of what a 'doodle' can be. If you're snuggled up inside (& out of the rain) today, grab a pen, a sketch pad & get doodling!

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Want to improve your doodles & learn how to draw lots of new things? Check out Rachael's 20 Ways to Draw A Doodle or Draw 500 Dazzling Doodles books! 

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