Interiors Roundup – Coffee Table Styling!

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Welcome back to another post in our Interiors Roundup series! We hope you've all had a lovely sunny week & are looking forward to the long weekend! Today we are taking a look at coffee table styling & all the ways you can spruce up your space with just a few tips & tricks!

Coffee table styling has always been a big part of interior design - in magazines, home showrooms & even high street stores, it's not uncommon to see beautifully set coffee & side tables. Like sofas, they've become an integral part to living spaces, serving us functionally & for decorative purposes, too! It's no wonder that we love decorating, re-decorating & styling these fantastic little tables!

As it's often the centrepiece of the room, it's no surprise that coffee table styling & photography continues to grow. It's a wonderful place to show off lovely coasters & trays, your favourite books, beautifully cut flowers or plants & even photographs. More & more we're seeing Instagrammers & interior bloggers snapping photos of their coffee table creations - it's a fab way to get creative with styling while not having to take on any big projects!

Today we've put together some lovely coffee table styling examples from Instagram. We love the variation across these posts - some have opted for a minimal design & incorporated statement vases or bowls, while others like to incorporate lots of different decorative elements & really personalise it!

This long weekend, we encourage you to try some of your own coffee table styling. If you only have a foot stool, why not try adding a lovely little decorative tray? There are so many fun ways to decorate your space & we'd encourage you to give it a go!

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