Interiors Roundup – #myhousethismonth

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog & another addition to our Interiors Roundup series! We hope you've all had a lovely week so far.

Today we're taking a look at @myhousethismonth / #myhousethismonth, a fantastic & fun interiors account / hashtag making waves on Instagram! Founded by the fab Amy Davies Pereira of @littlehouseinlondon, MHTM is a monthly challenge where interior lovers are encouraged to share a themed photo of their home each day of the month.

Each month, a new set of challenges are posted on the MHTM insta, ranging from themes like floral, pattern, lounge & bedside. To keep things interesting, they also encourage you to get creative with your photography skills with challenges like 'new angle,' 'focal point,' & 'through the door.'

If you love interiors & have a few nooks of your home that you'd love to share, why not give the #myhousethismonth challenge a go? Not every day is mandatory, so you can pick & choose which ones are right for your home! MHTM recently shared their June challenge (shared below) which we think looks fantastic!

Today we've collated some gorgeous examples of #myhousethismonth imagery - we love how many decor fanatics are getting involved! If you don't fancy taking part, even a quick search on the MHTM tag will fill you with lots of decor ideas & inspo!

Have a fantastic week everyone!

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