Interiors Roundup – Neon Lighting!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to another post in our weekly interiors roundup series. Today we're buzzing with excitement as we're talking about neon lighting!

Coming in a wide range of customisable colours & shapes, neon lighting is extremely versatile & has been around for many years. Traditionally, it has been used in signage for the likes of fast food chains, casinos, bars, clubs & even 'glow' themed versions of some sports.

Now, the world of interiors has taken a shining to indoor neon accents & we're seeing more & more of them pop up in home mags, cute shops & of course on Insta! Popular choices include small-to-medium sized hearts, cacti, pineapples, palm trees & short blurbs / words, but there are SO many different ones to choose from.

These home-ready neon lights are perfect for colour lovers who want to inject a unique but vibrant colour source into their space. For example, lovers of pink may love a neon flamingo - not only will it bring a burst of their favourite colour to a room, it will also give it a unique interior twist on lighting  with a tropical feel.

With neon lights becoming more & more popular, so is the demand for personalised options. We've spotted a few customisable neon sign shops on the likes of Etsy which we think is fab! This sort of thing would make for a perfect housewarming, wedding or even baby shower gift.

Below are some examples of interior neon lighting to inspire you! You can pick these up in tons of homewares shops nowadays or even find them online. We encourage you to add a little extra brightness to your life this week & to give neon lighting a go!

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