6 Summer / Autumn Looks for Fashion Lovers!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog! We hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! As lovers of fashion, the RT Team have absolutely loved the warm weather as it means we get to wear some of our favourite pieces!

If you follow Rachael on Instagram you'll know that she loves to wear bold prints & that she likes to keep things colourful all year round. Summer often invites more colour into our wardrobes, but today we want to show you that you too can sport pattern & colour 365 days a year!

With Autumn just around the corner, today we're featuring some Summer-into-Autumn fashion inspiration with lots of colour, print & chicness. These pieces can be worn across Spring, Summer & Autumn (with a few tweaks such as tights if it's chilly, or a stylish jean jacket)! As pattern lovers, lots of these feature a gorgeous print, however we have some bold, block-coloured items below as well.

If you're not used to wearing colour, why not choose a statement piece such as a jacket, shoes, or a handbag? Pick something bold & expressive - something that screams YOU! Or how about a lovely printed / colourful blouse with your favourite jeans? Really there are so many ways to explore colour & pattern with fashion & we hope the below inspires you to get creative!

The looks below are from some of our favourite shops including Monki, H&M and Boden - if you like what you see, simply click on the image to visit their site!

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