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Staying in is the new going out!

We can all do our bit to protect those in the high risk groups. The UK government seems to be so behind with their response & it makes me sad. As individuals we can try to stay at home where possible & show kindness to others. This visual quote is inspired by @mattzhaig & his […]

Fun Wallpapers For Your Phone!

If you pop over to the studio Instagram account & check out our ‘quotes’ stories highlight you will find lots of fun & motivational quotation designs that you can save to your phone to use as your wallpaper &/or lock screen. Simply follow the instructions provided in the ‘quotes’ highlight & voilà! We hope you […]

Friday Inspo – Escape the Ordinary!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog! We are thrilled it’s Friday & we hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. Today we’re sharing a fun typographic design by Brit + Co – it’s a fun little reminder to escape the day to day & do something different! If we stick too much […]

Friday Inspo – Be Brave!

Happy Friday! Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog! We hope you’ve all had a fantastic week so far. Today we want to send out lots of positivity ahead of the weekend & to remind you to stay strong & be brave! It can sometimes be scary to face our fears, but with self-belief is so […]

Friday Inspo – Cling to Joy!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor Blog! Today we’re sharing some words of wisdom from the fantastic Morgan Harper Nichols on Instagram. If you love poetry, positivity & typography, then you’ll love Morgan’s amazing quote designs. Today this one caught our eye – it focuses on joy & how we should cling to it. […]

Friday Inspo – Today Will Be…

Happy Friday Everyone! Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor Studio! Hooray for Friday, we’re so glad to see you here. Today we wanted to share a simple but colourful infographic to remind you to keep your chin up – remember that no matter what happens, today can & will be FABULOUS! It can be hard […]

Friday Inspo – Advice for The Weekend!

Happy Friday! Welcome back to the Rachael Taylor blog! Today we want to share a fun, empowering graphic (by the fab @ragandrose_ltd on Insta) to help you have an even better weekend! We love that this graphic reminds us to get our positive boots on, have fun, enjoy ourselves & really start living! PS: if you love fashion, […]

Friday Inspo – Mind Over Matter!

Happy Friday! Hello everyone! Hooray for the weekend – we hope you’e had a lovely week filled with gorgeous Autumnal inspiration! Today we’re sharing an uplifting little quote from the Rachael Taylor Studio. It’s a simple reminder that no matter how overwhelming something may feel, we’re capable of focusing on bigger & brighter things. This […]

Friday Inspo – Trying New Things…

Happy Friday! Today we’re sending out some positive vibes from the Rachael Taylor Studio. This lovely quote reminds us that while scary at times, it’s worth it to take risks & try new things! If we live our lives the same each day, how can we expect to achieve our goals or be our best […]